DevDays Austin: Jonathan Johnson on iPhone Development

This is content taken from the 2009 StackOverflow DevDays conference in Austin, Tx.

Jonathan gave a very nice introductory presentation on developing applications for the iPhone. The live code example was a great deomonstration on how to get a new app up and running quickly. It seems that Apple really did their homework when creating the iPhone development tools.

One disheartening part of Jonathan's talk dealt with the current state of the iPhone App Store. As most of you probably know, the App Store has been built on this $0.99 eco-system where it's really hard to sell iPhone apps that cost more than a dollar. Unfortunately, this means that a company may never fully re-coup the costs of developing an application if it takes them too long to create, much less turn a profit. Does this mean there aren't going to be any new and awesoeme apps coming out for your iPhone in the future? No. But, the current state of the app market may cause developers looking to get into the iPhone development market have second thoughts.

Overall, a great talk by Jonathan and it was very informative for those of us who have never developed anything for the iPhone.

Here is the audio from Jonathan's talk.

Presentation Slides

Audio Note: For some reason, I couldn't get this file converted to an mp3. Propaganda freezes up after about 70% of the file has been processed. Unfortunately, this also means that the file is unedited. Sorry about the ruffling around at the beginning.

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