DevDays Austin: Jonathan Sharp on jQuery

This is content taken from the 2009 StackOverflow DevDays conference in Austin, Tx.

Jonathan Sharp of Outwest Media gave a very informative and interesting talk on jQuery at DevDays Austin. Jonathan's presentation includes an introduction to jQuery, an overview of jQuery's 5 core concepts, a quick look at the jQuery API, and jQuery initiaves. Jonathan also includes a live code demo which showed us how to build a jQuery plugin in 6 simple steps.

This is a great talk to listen to if you want to know more about jQuery, or if you've started looking at it but don't really know how to move on.

Jonathan is also a freelance developer so keep him in mind if you need some quality development work done.

Jonathan included his presentation slides and the live code demo on his website.


My apologies on the audio, there are a few sections I had to edit out at the begenning because people kept shuffling around in my row. This caused some really nasty disruptions in the audio and I just removed them completely.

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