DevDays Austin: Peter Mourfield on ASP .NET MVC

This is content taken from the 2009 StackOverflow DevDays conference in Austin, Tx.

In this presentation, Pete gives an interesting talk on the ASP .NET MVC architecture. This talk offers a fresh alternative to anyone currently working on ASP web forms. Also, the point of entry for developing ASP .NET MVC applications is much smaller for developers currently working in MVC frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Palm Mojo, or even Django.

The Model View Controller (MVC) framework allows for the separation of the presentation and business logic and allows developers to change one without affecting the other.

The idea of MVC is nothing new, but it's nice to see the mainstream web frameworks (and even mobile development frameworks) adopt this methodology.

If you are interested in learning more about MVC architectures or are curious about getting started with ASP .NET MVC then check out Pete's talk. You won't regret it.


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