There comes a time in every young developer’s life where he realizes that the knowledge he gains from work alone will not be enough to carry his career for the next few decades.  For me, this time is now.  I need to find a way to take my skill-set as a software engineer, corporate employee, and member of the development community to the next level and I think journaling my growth as a developer through this techblog is a great place to start.

With this blog, I will attempt to accomplish the following:

  1. Keep track of my growth as a developer.
  2. Improve my communication skills.
  3. Establish an online presence.
  4. Put my work in a central location so I can find it later.
  5. Document my outside-of-work projects.
  6. Post on a semi-consistent basis.
  7. Keep the content light and hassle free so this doesn’t feel like work.
  8. Provide interesting, entertaining, and informative information about technology, specifically programming and working as a software engineer.

My primary goal with Creating Code is to become a better programmer by making the readers of this blog better programmers.

Let’s get started.

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