Writing a Simple URL Reverser Using C#

Shortened URLs have become a fact of life, especially with the advent of micro-blogging, where you only have a limited number of characters for a single post. Unfortunately, very few shortened URLs give you a clue about where you will actually end up when you click on them. Not only is this a security concern, but I like to have a good idea of where I'm going before I click on a link.

Enter ReverseURL

ReverseURL is an ASP .NET page that will take a shortened URL and tell you where it is actually pointing to. The code to figure this out is actually pretty straightforward since the URL shortening services take care of all of the redirecting. ReverseURL is hosted on Github so feel free to grab a copy for yourself or contribute your own changes.

Hosted ReverseURL

You can also see ReverseURL in action at http://wheredoesthislinkgo.com. Eventually, I have plans to host a URL reversal web service here and create a Firefox plugin to help bring URL reversal to the masses. Next time you are caught staring at a shortened URL, remember that you have options before you click on it. A little investigation up front may save you from some headaches in the future.
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