LifeHack; Getting More At Starbucks

This post is not programming related.

Today we did a little social experiment and I’d like to share the results.

On one of my weekly excursions to Starbucks with a few of my work-friends I noticed that the barista always makes more Frappuccino than is needed to completely fill up the requested cup size. This makes sense if you think about it because you definitely don’t want to short-change your customers by not filling their $4.50 coffee all the way to the top. So, the question remains, what happens to all of that extra coffee goodness that doesn’t have the misfortune to make it into your cup? It gets quickly washed down the sink so the pitcher can be used to make the next drink.

Today, one of us asked for a “Solo Grande Coffee Frap” (just like always) but with the added request of "hey, would you mind putting that in a Venti cup?"" The cashier obliged and informed us that all of the cups at Starbucks are conveniently marked with measurement lines so any size of coffee could be poured into any cup (brilliant.)

So, just like clockwork, the barista begins filling orders and eventually gets to our experiment order and dumps the entire pitcher’s contents into the Venti cup. Success!

So, if you ever wished you could get a drink at Starbucks between Grande and Venti, now you can. I’m not sure if this works everywhere but it’s worth a try.

By the way, I took this picture with my super cool HTC EVO.

Have you tried this? Did it work? Leave a comment.

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