Random Friday Thoughts: Leaving a Legacy Online is Free

I was thinking about the internet this morning. I want you to go ahead and try to imagine all of the famous authors, painters, inventors, composers, and theorists that lived before, say, the 1980's. There's a ton of great ones. Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, J.S. Bach, Vincent van Gogh and the list goes on an on from famous to not-so-famous and popular to relatively unknown.

Now, think, at some point in their lives, they had to come to the realization that all of the wonderful things they were creating were likely going to be lost shortly after their death. After all, a good amount of famous artists weren't even appreciated until well after they were gone all the while plagued with the fear thet they won't be remembered after they die, uncertain about the legacy they will be leaving behind.

Fast forward a few short decades to present day. For $0 a month, I can have my own blog and github account. Everything I create is instantly shared with the entire world. My web content is archived by Google (which I'm pretty sure would survive a nuclear apocalypse) and my code is stored, replicated, and backed-up all across Github's data-centers. Everything I create and put on-line will hang around this earth far longer than I will and it was all free.

The fact that the things we create and put online never die is both invigorating and scary at the same time but we never have to worry about losing the work we create, even after we're gone. So go ahead artist, composers, and inventors. Keep creating awesome things and sharing them with the world. After all, creating a legacy is free.

Image source: USA Today

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