Lessons Learned: How Do I Run This Locally?

Typically, when we tell developers at work about Ratcheting the reaction is generally positive. However, the one question that everyone seems to have is "How can I run this locally?" This is a really important question, one that we have somewhat neglected over the past few weeks while we have been focusing on delivering functionality for our risk metrics.

Developer communication and rapid feedback are paramount in any project and it is vital to give developers the tools they need to succeed. After all, the success of your project depends on it.

When you are doing a project that will generate some level of visibility into a developer's work, it is important to give them something that lets them know what they are getting in to before each commit. In the future we will try to do a better job of delivering the feedback tools our developers need to stay informed.

Ideally, we will roll out the changes to the local check-in script before we make the changes in the radiator. This way we can treat our developers as partners and beta-testers for new functionality instead of a user-base that is largely kept in the dark until changes are made.

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