How much do you bill per hour as a freelancer?

I've always wondered what other software development freelancers set as their hourly rate as so I could use it a comparable for my own rates. Surprisingly, this information is not as straightforward to find as you might think. Thanks to a recent poll on HackerNews I now have a little clearer picture of how much my fellow developers are charging for freelance work.

What other freelancers are charging.

Personally, this data surprised me a little. I always thought that the hourly rates for most freelancers would be significantly lower, but this data may be negatively skewed due to the fact that most of the folks on Hacker News are some of the best and brightest in our field.

On a parting note, I think it's best to set a slightly higher rate and not have to rely on billing your customers for every little thing you do. This way, you can focus on delivering quality work, and not on how much time you should bill for thinking about your client's problem on the drive to lunch.

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