Take the job that gives you more responsibility

When trying to decide whether or not to accept the offer for my current job, a good friend of mine gave me some simple advice I will never forget “Take the one that gives you the most responsibility.”

As humans, we share a universal craving of needing to feel needed. In order to be happy in our current situation whether at work, home, or on a sports team we need to feel like we are depended on and that our hard work is being appreciated by the rest of the group.

Taking on a job with increased responsibility can be the difference between doing work and doing meaningful work. Doing meaningful work gives you a sense of accomplishment and pride in your life that is hard to find elsewhere.

Next time you are contemplating a job change it might be worth your time to consider the increase in responsibility you will be gaining in addition to salary, title, commute length, etc. If want more responsibility in your current position and don’t want to leave, you might want to try working yourself out of a job.

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