No publisher was set for configuration settings

I ran into this issue today when trying to configure a WASABi setting in my App.config that pointed to a connection string value in my Windows Azure Service Configuration.

The Windows Azure Storage connection string with name ‘AutoscaleStorageAccount’ could not be retrieved from the service configuration file (.cscfg). No publisher was set for configuration settings.

This error is a result of Microsoft maintaining the ability to seamlessly convert your application between a cloud-hosted environment and a self-hosted environment. The thinking here is that your application technically shouldn’t know anything about Azure or any cloud configuration files.

In order to bridge the gap between the Enterprise Library Application Block and my Service Configuration file, I set up a Configuration Setting Publisher delegate that will point configuration get requests to the proper location.

I put the Configuration Publisher setup in my Worker Role’s OnStart() method so I could be sure it only got configured once and was set up before anything tried to access my Service Configuration settings.

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