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Google Says: "Managers Are Important"

In 2002 - four years after inception - Google decided to perform an experiment. Restructure the company to be completely flat - No managers! Theoretically, this change would allow engineers to have complete freedom when developing applications, which in turn, would lead to greater innovation. While this idea may make...


Traditional leadership logic (leader-follower) says that organizations need a strong leader to take command and control over an organization in order for it to succeed. This model worked exceptionally well in the past, when workers were performing tasks that are more physical in nature like construction or building widgets on...

The First Thing You Should Do After A Missed Deadline

There are several different project management levers you can pull when a team member misses a deadline, but there is one that you should always do before anything else. Make a new deadline. Deadlines drive behavior on a project. Most professionals will do their level best to meet project schedules...

Work Yourself Out of a Job

Some of the best advice that I've received in my career is that whatever job position you find yourself in, you should always be trying to work yourself out of a job. In a nutshell, working yourself out of a job means building up your team in such a way...

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