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Robert Greiner

Interview: The One Broken Cog Podcast

> Pull up a comfortable chair and a calming drink and come spend a few minutes with Robert Greiner and me. I had the privilege of joining John and Brian on The One Broken Cog podcast to talk about careers, family, and transitioning into a leadership role. We got into some...

Robert Greiner

Take a Break! The Trip Report

In today's episode, Charles, Igor, and I continue the discussion on taking intentional downtime to increase our physical, mental, and relationship wellbeing during times of crisis. We also discuss the idea of creating a Trip Report to share with our team when we return. The Trip Report was made famous...

Robert Greiner

Take a Break!

In our first ever episode recorded as a group, Charles, Igor, and I discuss the importance of taking a break. We talk about the tricks our brain plays on us as we think what we are doing in this moment is too important to put down and some of the...

Robert Greiner


I've regularly been posting articles - at least once per month - since 2010.  This year, a few things came up that took my attention away from creating content to help technical folks get more out of their career.  Firstly, I went through a particularly challenging promotion cycle that required...

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