Human and Golf Course Architecture

“Narrow fairways bordered by long grass make for bad golfers. They do so by destroying the harmony and continuity of the game, and in causing a stilted and cramped style, destroying all freedom of play.” - Alister Mackenzie, The Spirit of St. Andrews

Narrow fairways bordered by long grass make for bad golfers.

As an amateur golfer and leader of people, this quote resonates. Golf and life and leadership are non-deterministic, complicated, and hard. There is no need to create systems that artificially constrict the growth and progress of other humans.

This quote encourages me to design systems that allow people to thrive by defining and then focusing on the end goal. In golf, that is to hole-out. At work, it’s to find the intersection of fulfillment, growth, and productivity.

Creating more complicated and challenging conditions for others, intentionally or not, will ultimately result in frustration.

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