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Robert Greiner

The Internet of Things: A Strategic Overview for IT Leaders

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the hottest trends in technology. While certainly hyped, there’s little doubt that this technology paradigm has transformative potential for a huge range of industries. That said, the basic concept of integrating networked technology tools with ground-level workflows is hardly new. To...

Robert Greiner

Protect Your Organization with SIEM

I recently published a white paper [] on the benefits a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system can have on your organization's overall security posture. The more I advise large global-enterprises as a consultant, the more convinced I become that exceptional tooling, paired with fine-tuning to...

Robert Greiner

Continuous Integration with Docker

One of the several benefits of using containers [] centers around your ability to build a container at the development stage, and promote it through each environment to production. This strategy keeps environments consistent throughout each environment, and allows close-to-production testing to be done earlier. Coupling this benefit...

Enterprise Ops

Organizations today are constantly looking for a silver bullet to cure all of their technology woes so they can deliver their products to market faster and cheaper than ever before. Typically, this treasure hunt takes the form of a single technology and is described in the broadest terms possible: cloud...

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