The idea of a talent stack is that you can combine ordinary skills until you have enough of the right kind to be extraordinary. You don’t have to be the best in the world at any one thing. All you need to succeed is to be good at a number of skills that fit well together. - Scott Adams

In today's episode, Igor, Charles, and I discuss the concept of the Talent Stack and how you can use it as a guide for long-term career growth. This is definitely a concept we wish we knew early on in our careers.

Whether you are trying to get unstuck in your career and don't know where to go next, aiming towards that next big promotion, or looking to add a little flavor to your personal and professional life - the talent stack can keep you focused on your long term goals while providing clarity on what to focus on today.

We referenced the following resources during our discussion, be sure to check them out if they piqued your interest:

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