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AWS AppStream Lets You Build Complex Applications For Any Device

Robert Greiner
Robert Greiner
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Building software applications over the past few decades has required developers to make a significant trade-off at the beginning of a project, even before any meaningful work has been completed.

At one end of the pendulum, you focus on the best possible user experience. This requires your users to make a heavy up-front investment in hardware - usually a high-end PC or gaming console - before they even think about purchasing your application. The better the experience, the more you limit your audience.

At the other end, you tailor your application to support the widest range of users and devices. This strategy forces you to water down your application experience in favor of wider compatibility. The more devices, user types, or situations you support, the more you sacrifice on user experience.

There has to be a better way. What if we could essentially get rid of the pendulum and write resource intensive applications that work on almost any device anywhere in the world? Now you can, thanks to AWS AppStream.

AWS AppStream

With AppStream, you can push the computationally intensive pieces of your application to the Cloud for processing, and stream the results back to any device of your customer's choice. No more worrying about CPU or memory constraints, mobile versions, or hardware form-factors.

In addition, you can make updates to your cloud-based algorithms in a single deployment location and your users will get the benefit of your changes instantly.

AppStream is even smart enough to change the way packets are forwarded between your device and the Cloud, or dynamically adjust your experience based on the quality of your internet connection.

The days of having to worry about servers, infrastructure, patches, mobile OS versions, and device specifications are rapidly coming to an end. Now, you can build complex and immersive applications easier and faster that work on any device.

Push more of your application to the Cloud and you'll get to spend more time making your application awesome.

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