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Podcast Episode: Career Growth and Creative Expression

Robert Greiner
Robert Greiner
1 min read
Podcast Episode: Career Growth and Creative Expression

In today's podcast episode, we take a break from The Trillion Dollar Coach and reconnect after a break. We touch on several topics:

  1. Adjusting to recording again and optimizing our workspace for better productivity.
  2. The value of promoting from within and creating a culture that encourages success and advancement for all members of our teams.
  3. The importance of having a plan before the new year begins, with a focus on setting goals and priorities.
  4. Discussed our experiences with promoting team members, emphasizing the value of giving them room to develop with a focus on delegation.
  5. Using architectural drawing and sketching as a means of relieving stress and recharging creative batteries.
  6. While ChatGPT and AI have the potential to increase human output and efficiency, they also pose the risk of overwhelming the system with unnecessary information. How do we sense the signal from the noise?

I hope you enjoy the episode, it was a bit of a winding road, but we feel like there are some solid nuggets.

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