In order for your team to succeed, they must be provided with the proper context, tools, and opportunities. Neglecting any one of these three items will stack the odds against your team and keep them from reaching their full potential.


First, context. Your team needs to be kept in the loop as much as possible in order to be effective. Good work comes from making connections between all of the different pieces of information you have floating around in your mind. If some of that information is missing, you can’t expect to get the results you are looking for. Give your team as much information as possible, even stuff you think is boring and uninteresting.


Your team also needs good tools to succeed. Would you trust a plumber who shows up at your house without a wrench? What about a car mechanic who doesn't own any diagnostic tools? The same idea holds true for the professionals on your team. In every industry, the best workers have the best tools. Show you care and make some investment up front to make sure your team isn't being held back by substandard (or non-existent) tools.


Finally, once your team has the context and tools needed to succeed; it’s time to unleash them by providing opportunities to win. This can be one of the biggest challengers for leaders since this involves work being done that is out of your control. Look for opportunities and teachable moments for your team and don't be afraid to stretch them.

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