Presentation Slides: An Introduction to Amazon Web Services

Presentation Slides: An Introduction to Amazon Web Services

In a few short years, cloud computing has gone from being viewed as a luxury or fancy toy and emerged as an integral part of the near-term future of companies in every industry. Enterprises are no longer asking "why cloud?" but rather "how do I get started with a cloud solution?"

Architecting a cloud solution is vastly different from a typical on-premises application, and it is important to understand the full range of tools and configuration options at your disposal in order to maximize value for your client or company.

In this presentation, we gave a brief overview of cloud computing and spent some time going into the details of the robust set of offerings that AWS provides their customers.

Robert Greiner

Robert Greiner

Professional optimist. Passionate about cultivating high-performing teams @ scale by integrating the timeless wisdom of the past with the marvel of today's emergent technology in a practical way.

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