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PERMA-V: Positive Emotions and Savoring the Best Parts of Life

Robert Greiner
Robert Greiner
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PERMA-V: Positive Emotions and Savoring the Best Parts of Life

In today's episode Robert, Igor, and Charles dive deeper into the PERMA-V model of well-being by exploring "P" for Positive Emotions. We've talked about Gratitude on the podcast already which is a simple but powerful practice that increase positive emotions. Today we'll be focusing on the concept of Savoring as a way to amplify and enhance positive emotions that already exist in our lives.

The Positive Psychology definition of Savoring is the use of thoughts and actions, to increase the intensity, duration, and appreciation of positive experiences and emotions. We do things intentionally to amplify and enhance our emotions.

There are six components of Savoring that can help you enhance your Positive Emotions.

  • Duration – Making sure you have enough time to Savor the experience
  • Reducing Stress – Mitigating general stressors while you are experiencing the positive emotion
  • Complexity – Engaging all of your senses
  • Attentional Focus – Being aware of what’s happening around you
  • Balanced Self-Monitoring – Recognizing components that will take away from the ability to Savor
  • Social Connection – Increasing Savoring by sharing the experience with others

In our discussion we also discuss a variety of resources that can help you learn more about Positive Psychology and the art of Savoring:

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