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Robert Greiner

How to Drastically Reduce Your PowerPoint File Size

I just tried to email a PowerPoint I was working on to a colleague for some feedback and realized, to my horror, that the file size was over 80MB. Obviously, that won’t do. After digging around, I came to the conclusion that the massive amount of images I was...

My RSS Workflow

In my early years as a programmer, I spent more time consuming RSS feeds than actually doing real work and practicing my craft. This lead to a period where I wasn't growing as much as I wanted to or knew I was capable of. Over time, I realized how much...

Robert Greiner

Sync to Paper

Sometimes I find myself overwhelmed by the massive amount of digital tools I have at my disposal to solve a particular problem. What was originally meant to be a time-saving tool-set can quickly dissolve into a morass of confusion and frustration. When the tools themselves become a hindrance to you...

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