I have been using .NET's Entity Framework Database Migrations and SQL Azure on one of my current development projects which has been working out quite nicely for me. However, I eventually got to the point in my development where it was time to package my Azure project and deploy it to the cloud.

Before deploying my project, I needed to make sure my SQL Azure database matched what I had in SQLExpress on my local machine. To do this, I leveraged my existing Database Migrations project by adding the connection string to my SQL Azure database subscription.

First, I needed to clear out my existing migrations in the cloud (Run these commands through the Package Manager Console in Visual Studio).

Once that was finished, all I had to do was run the database migrations from the beginning to apply the most up-to-date version of my database in the cloud.

Now I'm free to deploy my Windows Azure package without fear of it blowing up when I access it for the first time.

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